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What is WebCli?

WebCli is a website that introduces popular business apps in Japan.

We will introduce you to desktops, smartphone apps, and web services, from new ones that have recently been created to standard ones.

The main content of the article is “how to use”. We make sure that people understand what kind of application it is, and if they like it, they can use it immediately. In addition, “features compared to similar services,” “price,” and “information on the app provider’s website” will also be included.

However, please note that the latest functions, supported platforms, prices, etc. may have changed because the information at the time of publication is posted. If you have any mistakes, please let us know using the ContactForm below.


Screen Name Solka
Resident Japan
Hobby See a movie.
Work I was an IT in-house software package company. I was an engineer for about 15 years, but I wanted to sell what I developed, so now I work in the sales team.
Dream Creating a great software search service. When I was involved in the development of AI (artificial intelligence), I said, “Isn’t it possible to create a product search service automatically if AI technology develops in about 20 years? A product database now. Let’s make it! “And launched this site. Until the technology advances and it can be created automatically, I’m thinking of making it manually (laughs).

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